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What is IBM BigFix?

IBM BigFix provides complete visibility and control into all endpoints through a single, unified platform. Enterprises can now bridge the bridge the gap between threat detection and response, drastically reducing remediation times and costs by consolidating best-in-class EDR, enterprise asset discovery, endpoint interrogation, rich threat intelligence, multi-platform patch management (90+ OS) and software distribution. Security and operations teams can see, understand and act on all endpoint threats while proactively reducing the attack surface. • SEE: Discover and audit every endpoint, on or off the corporate network—and rapidly detect evasive attacks using behavioral analytics that understand how attackers compromise your endpoints. • UNDERSTAND: Guided investigation enables security analysts to understand the full context and scope of an attack based on real-time endpoint information, not just historical data. • ACT: Respond with purpose. BigFix provides the capability to deliver targeted remediation—not only on patient zero but enterprise-wide—in minutes or hours.


Tivoli Endpoint Manager, IBM Endpoint Manager, TEM

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